Friday, November 25, 2016

Cornwall (Kernow)

The County of Cornwall makes up the very southwestern tip of Great Britain and includes the most southerly point and the most westerly point of England. The county is the 9th largest by area (out of 48) in England, and is the only county to border only one other county (Devon). Kernow is the Cornish name for the county, the dialect is still spoken, deriving itself from Common Brittonic (the language spoken in Great Britain before English started to dominate).

Cornish Flag

Monday, November 21, 2016

Autumn Colour, Summer Heat

I think perhaps Autumn (Fall) is my favourite time of the year, the summer heat "typically" gives way to pleasant daytime temperatures and cooler nights; and this definitely makes this Colorado Brit happy. Autumn 2016 in the Colorado Front Range has been particularly warm and dry though, with the first snow not arriving until November 17th (Average is October 18th), the 16th was 80f!. The positive side to this late snow is, the leaves on the trees have hung on until naturally dropping, and the colour has lasted longer.

St. Vrain Creek, Longmont, CO