Sunday, September 17, 2023

Sussex (1066 country)

The year was 1066, and the Anglo-Saxon period was about to come to an end at the hands of the French!. This I am sure sounds like very familiar history to us Brits, and perhaps even to others around the world that had the year "1066" drummed into them at primary school. It was in October 1066 that William, Duke of Normandy (later known as "William the Conqueror") defeated King Harold during the Battle of Hastings, taking the crown for himself.
The modern day location of the battle site is managed by English Heritage, and it is a fascinating site. The ruins of Battle Abbey are part of the site (founded by William), and interpretive plaques around the site recall the timeline of the battle. The Bayeux tapestry in France recalls the battle in picture form.

The lower field where the Normans attacked from