Monday, August 28, 2017

Rugbytown sevens

2017 marks the sixth year the annual Serevi RugbyTown sevens competition has taken place at Infinity Park, Glendale, Colorado. 20 teams take part in this 3-day event, including military teams from the USA, UK, and international teams from Fiji, UK, Cayman Islands, and US league teams.

RugbyTown 7's, Glendale, CO

Infinity Park, Glendale, was the first Rugby-specific stadium built in the USA, it is home to the "Glendale Raptors", training programs, and of course the annual sevens competition. The 3-day event is cracking value for money at $15/day, or $35 on Saturday if you include the "Bruises+Brews" beerfest (highly recommended)!.

RAF Spitfires are 1 of 3 British teams competing

The military teams are represented by the US Army, US Airforce, US Coastguard, US Navy, Royal Air Force, and the British Army. There is a great camaraderie between these teams, and is always fun to watch them play each other.

US Airforce vs US Navy

US Airforce vs US Navy

Rugby sevens share many similarities with the standard Rugby Union game, the main difference being each team consists of 7 players (instead of 15), and each half is played for only 7 minutes (instead of 40). Half time is only 2 minutes long (instead of 10), the whole game is very fast and action packed, A LOT of fun to watch!.

Half time huddle - RAF Spitfires vs Utah

The RugbyTown 7's competition consists of 4 pools containing 5 teams each, with the top teams in each pool going through to a quarter final, semi final, then the final.

RAF Spitfires vs. Rugby Rogues

The classic Scrum

If you arrive when the doors to the stadium open, or not far after that, you can stake out a great spot to watch the games close to the field. The stadium will seat only 4000 people, so really there are no bad seats.

Plenty of enthusiasm from the team members - US Coastguard

US Coastguard vs. ATAVUS All Stars 

The beauty of Rugby Sevens is there are always plenty of Tries scored!.

2nd Place finishers the Ramblin Jesters

5 points for a Try

The sport of Rugby is taking off in the USA and gaining popularity, perhaps thanks partly to Rugby sevens being an Olympic Sport now. It's a thrilling game to watch, and I am lucky to have Infinity Park within striking distance of my Colorado home.

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