Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Eriba Adventures (Western Scotland)

Touring Scotland has been a bucket list item of mine for many years, but especially since "moving back" to the UK in 2019. We all know though what happened in early 2020 "Covid-19", so 2022 is really the first time since then that "most" Brits have been able to roam "freely". Camping has seen a real boom during the Covid period, and appears to be here to stay, so it seemed fitting that we toured Scotland in our little Eriba Puck (our first caravan, but certainly not our first camping experience).

The Eriba brand dates back some 60 years, and has a somewhat cult like following (similar to VW campervans). Our Puck is the smallest model, and is no longer manufactured, so is quite collectible, and a real head turner on campsites.

Our little Eriba Puck "Daisy Mae"