Thursday, October 14, 2021

2020 - Lockdown in Dorset

Many times through 2020, I often thought to myself "what a year to choose to re-settle back in the UK", having spent 20 years in the USA, moving to rural Dorset (southwest England) in December 2019. 2020 looked like being a year of few adventures, and a lot of couch time.

But, despite 2020 being extraordinary, unprecedented, and often frustrating; the one thing that remained the same was the natural beauty that surrounds us all. This natural beauty we were all still allowed to access thankfully, albeit with certain restrictions.

As is common these days in Southern England, the winters are wet and mild, and often cloudy; but when you get a crisp clear winter day, the Dorset coast is a great place to head for virtually tourist free (even in normal years) stunning scenery.

Golden Cap