Tuesday, October 4, 2016

In an English Country Garden

It is well known the world over, that the Brits love their Gardens. The trend for the "English Country Garden" dates back to the 18th Century, and is maybe attributed to the famous landscape designer of the times Capability Brown.

Today, come Springtime, the drone of lawnmower engines, and the chink chink of shears and pruning tools is heard across the nation. The climate in the UK is perfect for growing an abundance of colourful flowers, ok, I know that is a nice way of saying it rains often. 

Hidcote NT Gardens, Cotswolds

Greyfriars' House & Garden, Worcester

The National Trust does an outstanding job of preserving magnificent buildings, stunning gardens, and awe inspiring landscapes. The Trust was formed in 1895, and its moto "for ever, for everyone" sums up their work perfectly.

The jewel in the crown for the Trust has to be Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire, it is one of the NT's most visited properties. The house was owned by the Rothschild family, and was built between 1874 and 1889, gifted to the National Trust in 1993. The house was built in the style of a French Chateau, rather than an English Country Manor, and the interior is just as lavish and extravagant as any Chateau found in France.

Waddesdon Manor - rear of the house and gardens

Waddesdon Manor - rear wing

Waddesdon Manor - Gardens

Waddesdon Manor - the Aviary

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